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"Contrast the 51 people killed by guns in the UK last year with their (deep breath) 31,347 counterparts in the United States, and it’s hard not to conclude that we’re doing something very right. America’s debate about gun control isn’t really about being able to defend yourself – it’s about freedom, and freedom of a very particular sort. It’s about the rights of the individual versus the greater good. America just doesn’t seem to do the latter."

- Hugo Rifkind thinks America could solve its gun problem in half a generation, but doesn’t want to (via timesopinion)


(via geeksngamers)

These multi-colored ‘fireworks’ are actually a mouse’s retinal ganglion cells, which relay signals between brain and eye. They fluoresce when imaged via the popular ‘Brainbow’ technique. Cell has just released a slideshow featuring (and explaining) the Brainbow:

“The retinal ganglion cells shown here have the extraordinary property that their dendrites all point in a single direction. Remarkably, these neurons respond best to objects moving in the direction that the cells “point.”

(Image by Josh R. Sanes, Harvard)
Happy 4th of July!